Monday, 26 October 2015

Say hello to our 3D Printer Tech, Mike!

I am excited about our blog, and for some changes we are working on.  As it turns out writing in the blog daily is just not practical with my hectic schedule.  I will still be posting at least once a week, but on top of that I thought it might be cool to let our team take turns writing as well - so you can get as much information from us as possible!  We will cycle through Mike, Mischa, Jenn, Andrew and myself and have more frequent blog entries!  That way you won't get completely sick of me either ;)

Today's entry is from our 3D Printer Technician Mike Robertson:

Good day. My name is Mike Robertson. 
I'm the first to join the ORD team, not counting the founders. 
I've been a techie since high school with a focus on electronics and robotics.
I attended Canadore college ‎in Northbay studying in their robotics course.
And took the Electronic Engineering Technician ‎program at Conestoga college.

I'm a big fan of because it fills my head with project ideas that I have no time ‎to build. I guess it's more of a love / hate thing :)

Hackaday introduced me to 3d printing, and from there‎ began my adventure in building them. 
My first attempt utilized massage chair guts to create a printer ‎3 by 3 by 3 feet.
It was too large for my budget.
My next attempt was smaller and I used scraps I had laying around,  ‎from processor heat sinks, to ikea cabinet parts. It was crude but worked.

This lead me to the kwartzlab makerspace. Their tools and people helped me refine my design and opened up a new world of projects I don't have enough time for (love / hate again) using the laser and welding equipment. 

I became the unofficial printer master at kwartzlab, maintaining their makerbot.
This led me to seek ‎out a filament supplier and found Chris Gibson on kijiji. And upon meeting introduced him to the kwartzlab and the possibilities it offered. So he joined, and went on to do some talks at kwartzlab about 3d printing with his business partner Andrew Evershed. 

Fast forward a bit and post kickstarter #1 they approached me to assist with their operation.

And I've been helping to build their printers for the last almost 2 years now.

I've offered design input, for current and upcoming models‎. And with my developing skills taking Solidworks program at Conestoga , I've begun design work of mentioned upcoming models.

So from here on my bl‎og entries will likely center around my various projects both personally and with ord, and even some collaboration of the 2.
Things that will been seen are some Solidworks items. My quad copter build, and any other brain droppings from inspiration from Kwartzlab or hackaday.
Mike Robertson
3D Printer Technician

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