Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Building a quadcopter using parts 3D printed on an ORD Solutions MH3000!

Today's entry is another from our 3D Printer Tech, Mike:

So the first project by me on the blog will be the quadcopter. We'll call this part 1 of x.  I've now received most the parts I need to get in the air.

First shipment I got was my flight controller, power distribution board and radio receiver, from www.autobotix.ca.

2nd shipment from hobby king was my motor ESC, motors, lots of props and 1 battery.

And for my frame I'm starting with the hover ship MHQ2 which can be found on http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:567141.  Naturally I printed the parts on an ORD Solutions MH3000 printer (Version 1 of the RoVa3D), and so I had spares I printed a few more, 1 in red PLA (seen in picture), 1 in green PLA, and one in black carbon fiber filament, just for comparison of strength and weight. Results to follow.

The goal of the build is to create an FPV racer and as the build progresses I will be redesigning the frame using Solidworks, factoring in component placement, racing requirements, and printability that will reduce components and allow for modular parts for quick repair when (not if) a part breaks during racing.

‎So stay tuned for build progress.

Mike Robertson
3D Printer Technician

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