Wednesday, 18 November 2015

More on the Quadcopter from Mike

Today we have an update from Mike about how his quadcopter is going.....

Hello all.
So I've been messing about with my quad parts and frame and did some preliminary assembly to see how things are going to fit.  I'm already seeing design changes I want to make to the frame.
First off I'm not crazy about the features of having folding arms, so that's the first change I'll make and should be able to shave a few grams of weight.
2nd the ESC mount to the lower dirty frame (pic 1) and with the various options and physical sizes out there I would like to see more flexibility to accommodate the options‎ so I want to add mount points, and allow for different Heights of the ESC's and at the same time separate the arm mounts from the upper dirty frame to reduce the amount of disassembly if you need to work on ESC or power distribution. 
Pic 2 shows the uppers dirty frame, and my marks where I want to move holes. The 4 screws near the middle will move to align with the leg mounts, and I'll add 2 standoff points to maintain rigidity while eliminating 2 screws from the overall build. And the arms need some refining of the motor mount points, I had difficulty lining up screw holes. 

Other items I'm looking at is more options for mounting power distribution boards as there are also many options out there.

And to shift away from the quad for a moment I'm going to talk about flight cases.
I've picked up these, 1 from Home Depot which will be for the charging system, batteries, tools, and parts. 

The other from Canadian Tire will be for my radio, the more delicate parts, and eventually FPV gear.

I wouldn't mind hearing tips or suggestions for setting up flight cases.

Thanks for reading.


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