Monday, 14 December 2015

Meet our newest team member - Robert Hurley our Embedded Systems Developer!

Our team is growing, and today we will hear from our newest team member - Robert Hurley! He is our Embedded Systems Developer.

Two and a half weeks ago today I started at ORD solutions as an embedded systems developer. Starting out I didn't have much experience with 3D printers in person, so I was pretty amazed when I was able to download a cube file from the web, and print it in PETG and hold the print out in my hand. Since then I've been printing through spools of PETG and PLA learning about all the aspects of ORD’s printers and 3D printing in general. Even after using and working on the printers full time for two weeks being able to design an object in Blender on the computer, and then to physically create the item still is exciting. It's also still a disappointment after working on a print for a while only to see it come off the print bed and become ruined.

Getting a chance to program the firmware on these machines has been a blast. Previously I was programming on android so the switch to programming on the microcontroller was a bit of a learning curve. However my previous experience writing in OpenGl has certainly come in handy when it comes to adding new features and tweaking existing items while dealing with the three dimensions in printing. I can already see all the possibilities of new features I can add to make the printers easier to use and more versatile. Being able to work on cutting edge printers at a great company has been a great two weeks so far and I am glad to have been given the opportunity.

Moving forward, there’s lots of work that can be done here to improve the printing process at all steps and I look forward to accomplishing those changes here at ORD solutions.

- Robert 

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