Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Progress on the Robotic Arm!

So, I've been pretty busy customizing and testing printers for our newest customers, but I managed to squeeze some work in on the robot arm. Got it all printed, and assembled, and it wasn't the easiest, I had to file and grind several parts to make my servos fit. I guess china servos have a fairly lax tolerance.‎ But here it is:

Now I just have to do the electronics and for that I think I'll use this tiny arduino I got from dfrobots, it's called the beetle:
And they also have this nice breakout shield called the beetle shield:

The beetle arduino fits on perfectly and handles the power distribution nicely so the arduino needs only worry about the signals:

Together they should easily handle the 4 servos. Then it's onto coding,‎ hopefully the code from the arms creator will mesh nicely with this arduino, because I'm not a programmer. I'm also never that lucky, but hey that's the great thing about projects like this, it pushes me to learn something and with all my tinkering in mechanics and electronic it's only natural to learn some coding as more and more diy projects blend these 3 technology disciplines. 

Thanks for reading and watch for the next update when this thing moves!

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