Monday, 8 February 2016

Filament spools - Which are better: white, clear or black

There are 3 choices when it comes to 3d printer filament spool colors. Clear, black, and white. Clear is neat because you can still see how much material is left. The black spools look nicer against anodized aluminum so they are better for appearance. But my favorite spools are white because I can use a black sharpy and record the material properties, like the actual measured diameter of the filament, its optimal printing temperature, its optimal bed adhesion temp,  the optimal extrusion multiplier, and lastly the serial number of its slic3r profile. Obviously you can pick your preferred spool based on your requirements, but for me I find that being able to record the printing details on the spools helps me keep track of the dozens of different material spools I have in my store room making for much faster and easier switching of materials.

This is the main reason we went from selling filament on black spools to filament on white spools. 

You can check out what we have available here:


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